Sunday, August 25, 2019

EXPERIENCE FROM MEMORY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EXPERIENCE FROM MEMORY - Essay Example Naturally, I am not a good artist-I am poor in drawing and things to do with painting. This explains why when notices were pinned all over the school notifying the students that a drawing competition was due and that the best candidate would win a prize, I was sure I would just do it for purposes of fulfilling the requirement of the notice but not pitching myself for the top candidate in the event. Therefore, my resolution was real and was based on the simple fact that, in our class was the best artist in the entire schools, and even one of the administration offices bore the portrait of the principal-courtesy of his handwork. It was thus unwise to imagine outsmarting such a person in competition he is much talented on that I was. Everybody was given two weeks to submit a completed portrait of the minister for Education through artistic drawing. It brought much hype I school with most of the normal school programs interrupted- during games and other activities; student would absconded such and attend to their portrait drawing. I gave up long ago and decided to do it last minute because there was going to be no difference. After one week, I took a different thought, I said to myself, why I cannot just do my best in this exercise so that I know where I rightly belong. I went to the library, took some of the basis drawing books read a few ideas on drawing like how to bring contrast, overlap and creation of desired impressions in drawing. From the basic knowledge, I went and downloaded one of the minister’s pictures in his joyful moments and started my work. I did my work in stages while keeping the deadline time, on the final day I was ready to deliver my drawing since I only had to fix the frame. Every other person did their best hoping to emerge the best, but with our guru friend I the picture I think all of us were after position two, unfortunately you count know this

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