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Introduction to Information Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Introduction to Information Systems - Essay Example However, the possibility of losing significant business information is enormous, and the likelihood of getting significant information for the right people at the right time is short. In addition, implementing a business information system that is capable to incorporate on hand information framework or business traditional working gateway is a challenging job (Dow Jones & Company., 2011), (Laudon & Laudon, 1999) and (Moga & Turner, 2011). This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the new information technology based system application at the Brass Tacks Company Limited (BTC Ltd). This report will analyze some prime aspects those are involved in the overall information based system application at this corporation. Brass Tacks Company Ltd. is presently operational through the traditional/paper-based approach. However, seeing the benefits of information systems, its top management has decided to establish a new business platform that can better handle and manage the business oper ations. BUSINESS OVERVIEW The business structure of Brass Tacks Company Limited is based on selling the door furniture like that brass plates, letter boxes, knockers and knobs to the public. The business was initiated as a small business set-up and now it has been evolved to a vast business arrangement. In this way the business is able to increase sales as well as customer market. In case of traditional business practice of the business that is being performed through the paper based procedures, business is facing a lot of problems. Thus, seeing the improvement in business setup administration needs to implement the new technology based arrangement. This report covers the analysis of aspects which take place during the implementation of this IT system. PROBLEM AREAS Currently, at Brass Tacks Company Limited, people use paper based approach to perform everyday tasks. In such business practice there is dire need for improving or replacing the traditional business practice with IT base d procedure. In this business practice the main and biggest problem is the lack of management control over business. In this scenario, the main problems those are coming out include complex management of business aspects, long searching time, data replication, and complicated business operational cycle and tough management of processing daily orders regarding customer. NEED FOR NEW INFORMATION SYSTEM AT BTC At the present, all the businesses regardless of their size and nature are relying on the information technology for their sustained survival. Obviously there are extensive effects on the traditional business practice through the new technology based business working. However, by using business information system, organizations are able to produce information subjects for the whole business to follow, in addition to the matters for particular business sectors or people working inside the business (Hutchings, 1996), (Dow Jones & Company., 2011) and (Turban et al., 2005). The imple mentation of business information system at Brass Tacks Company Limited will improve the overall business functioning and operations management. In addition, with the implementatio

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