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The Holocaust A Secret Plan - 1445 Words

â€Å"Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful† (Dictionary). This word is used for labeling a rare and commonly vial situation. The Holocaust, a term referred to the explanation of the alleged massacre of six million Jewish people, is often labeled as a conspiracy. Those who tag the 1900’s Holocaust as a hoax are frequently known as ‘Holocaust Deniers. Debating Holocaust denial includes arguments such as holocaust documented facts, practice of things such as gas chambers, falsely proclaimed amount of Jews essentially murdered, and illegalization of holocaust denial. The holocaust took place in Germany when Adolf Hitler, son of Klara and Alois Hitler, took his place as dictator over the country. Adolf had been the leader of the Nazi party from June 29, 1921 through his death date of August 30, 1945. He took his stand as Fuhrer of Germany on August 2nd, 1934. Fuhrer, meaning leader or guide, was a name adopted specifically to Adolf f or himself by himself. The Holocaust was the assassination of six million Jews. Adolf was regularly referred to as a â€Å"mad man† but did he truly possess a mental illness? No, Hitler’s only true diagnoses was â€Å"Diagnoses of a Destructive Prophet† (Oxford). Adolf led the Nazi party to killing these innocent people because the Jews were blamed for losing the Second World War. By doing this, Hitler fashioned his enemy. In the Jewish religion, a term used to describe the mass killings was ‘scapegoat’. This meant a personShow MoreRelatedThe Holocaust and The Final Solution Plan Essay622 Words   |  3 PagesThe Holocaust, it’s such a horrific topic. Why do we study this? The answer I will give at the end of this essay, although, there are many ways people look at the holocaust, different opinions that people have, different understandings. This is my understanding. Holocaust. (The Greek word meaning Whole (Holo), and burnt (Caust). The name although sad, is quite an appropriate name for this event in history, because the Jewish people’s spirt, was almost entirely â€Å"Burnt†. Hitler’s rise to power beganRead MoreHolocaust: A Result of Racism764 Words   |  3 PagesHolocaust: A Result of Racism The Holocaust is a part of history that always brings sadness to many and unanswered questions. The word â€Å"holocaust† is from Greek origin and it means â€Å"sacrifice by fire.† The Holocaust was the persecution and murder of about six million Jews including around 1.5 million Jewish children by the Nazi regime between the years 1933 – 1945. Racism played a vital role and was the main reason for the slaughtering of millions of Jews during this time in history. Jews were notRead MoreNazi s Persecution Of The Handicapped Essay1404 Words   |  6 Pages Nazi’s Persecution of the Handicapped Frank Cai History November 8th Holocaust is considered one of the worst man-caused disaster ever in the history of human life. Hundreds of millions of people died during the Holocaust. Even worse, the victim of the Holocaust is based on race. Why did Adolf Hitler pick on the Jews? Because when he wants to rise power, one of the most common ways is propaganda. He said that Jews are the ones that ruined their country. Many Jews were killed; they were alsoRead MoreThe Holocaust : A Large Scale, State Sponsored, Systematic Murder Of Innocent Jews1327 Words   |  6 Pagesintroduce the Holocaust, I want to provide a brief overview of the event. The Holocaust was a large scale, state-sponsored, systematic murder of innocent Jews across Europe carried out by the German military and authorities. Germans believed that their race was superior to the Jewish race. Jews were deemed, â€Å"life unworthy of life†. (1) The Holocaust was a result of this strong German belief, which led to the attempted annihilation of the Jews. The German government called the plan to annihilate theRead MoreThe Death Of The Euthanasia Program1313 Words   |  6 PagesWorld War II still impact many today, grim battle scars passed down the years through morbid tales and painful memories. To this day, many Holocaust horror stories still exist, but one of Hitler s fatal racial extermination plans, a hushed whisper of the atrocities yet to come, truly left its mark in history. Launched only two years before the infamous Holocaust, the Euthanasia Program, or otherwise known as T-4, was a mass murder operation which primarily aimed to exterminate the life unworthy ofRead MoreHolocaust Was A Term That Was Formed By The Greeks Which1374 Words   |  6 PagesHolocaust was a term that was formed by the Greeks which means, the sacrifices of the Jews for their God. Some people took the word sacrifice as something not good and it evokes negative associations in the minds of the people. The time of Holocaust is a period that will never be forgotten, it was a time people struggled to survive, a time people fight for the right to live, the time whereby thousands of Jews were killed just for being Jews. The Holocaust started in January of 1933 when Adolph HitlerRead MoreTruth And Justice : A Lexicon Of Terror And The Banality Of Evil, Victoria Sanford s Buried Secrets1612 Words   |  7 Pagesdie in this fight, then so be it. But one day we will triumph† (Feitlowitz 133). There are many different aspects of truth and justices described in Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, Victoria Sanford’s Buried Secrets: Truth and Human Rights in Guatemala and in Marguerite Feitlowitz s A Lexicon of Terror, these aspects of truth and justice play an important role in describing the tragedies in each respective book. The books also illustrate to readers why truthRead MoreEssay on Fearless Jewish Women946 Words   |  4 Pagesmen were going to be arrested, the women made plans to try and protect their men. They made arrangements with neighbors, hide them, obtained false documents, or planned escapes. The women and children remained at ho me, where they thought they were safe. On that fateful day, 5,802 women and 4,051 children were arrested and sent to Auschwitz. The women learned that hard way that everyone is a victim to the Nazis, not just the men. The ultimate plan was created by Adolf Hitler, the â€Å"Final Solution†Read MoreAdolf Hitler and The Holocaust Essay examples745 Words   |  3 Pagesof prision and when their president died, he became Chancellor of Germany. Hitler only wanted people with blue eyes and blonde hair to be in his country. So he started to make a plan and that plan was to eliminate anybody who didnt follow those standards. Hitler came up with this elimation process called The Holocaust. He made laws called The Nuremburg Laws and in these laws there was a list of the undesirables; people who didnt follow Hitlers standards. The list consisted of mostly Jews. TheyRead MoreThe Nazi Party1100 Words   |  5 Pagesmeeting. The term â€Å"final solution† was the phrase used by the Nazi’s for their plan for the extermination of all European Jews. This meeting was the first time that the government leaders not involved with the Nazi party were introduced to the plan for the Jews that the Nazi’s had carefully developed. The meeting was formally known as the Wannsee Conference and the minutes that came from that conference were top secret and were not meant for others to see outside of the people involved with the â€Å"final

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