Saturday, February 8, 2020

Jordanian cuisine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Jordanian cuisine - Essay Example Lamb and chicken meat is the most preferred choice of meat. Men and women do not dine together and eating with the right hand is the preferred method. The flavors include grains, cheese, herbs, fresh and dried fruits, yoghurt and spices. A team of professional chefs and local women camp at Petra kitchen in Petra to offer cookery lessons in making traditional Jordanian cuisine. Though the menu varies with seasons, a wide range of delicious dishes, mezze plates, a main dish, dessert or fresh fruits, bread (Shrak), and coffee dominates a Jordanian cuisine. The staple food of Jordan is Mansaf that takes hours in preparing and feasting. It consists of a lamb cooked in yoghurt, lightly spiced, seasoned with aromatic herbs, and served with rice. They reserved Mensef that is a Bedouin feast and the pride of Jordanian cuisine for special occasions like weddings. The preparation of Mensef entails the roasting of a whole sheep, serving huge chunks of the roasted meat with rice, yoghurt, and fried nuts on a huge plate. They also reserved a delicacy of softly cooked eyes for the guests of honor. Stuffed baby Lamb is also a popular dish in the traditional Jordan enjoyed as a main meal. It comprises a roasted lamb, nuts, rice, raisins, and chopped onions (The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan Web). There is a variety of kebabs in the Jordanian cuisine. Knafeh is the main dessert in a Jordanian cuisine and comprises of white cheese covered with sweet syrup and gooey. Jordanian wine is also acceptable in a Jordanian cuisine (Responsible travel Web). Cooking a Jordanian Cuisine is however easy and fun and requires no special equipment. Due to its delicious nature and simplicity in cooking, the Jordanian Cuisine has spread in Europe as well as maintaining its traditional aspects in

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