Thursday, September 26, 2019

Albatross anchors part 2 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Albatross anchors part 2 - Case Study Example Moreover, the plant which includes the functions of manufacturing, storage of raw materials and shipping fails to abide by the safety along with environmental standards in the United States (US) presently. Thus, in order to achieve an obvious as well as a sustainable competitive position, Albatross Anchor requires making certain long as well as short term direct and definite operational changes. In this discussion, definite long and short term operational alterations that Albatross Anchor should create in order to attain a sustainable as well as an apparent competitive advantage will be taken into concern. Moreover, a few of the operational issues which would support the company to improve the aspect of job retention, morale and dedication of its employees will also be highlighted in the discussion. Question One Long-term operational changes 01 Albatross Anchor needs to transform its administrative offices as a part of the long-term operational change for the purpose of attaining a c omprehensible as well as a sustainable competitive benefit. It has been observed that the company already has certain issues concerning its administrative offices which are considered to be somewhat disorganized and operated inefficiently. In order to run its administrative offices more efficiently as well as in an organized manner, the company should properly utilize its valuable resources such as the deployment of workers should be made in a manner so as to ensure efficiency in terms of performing different operational functions. Moreover, the company should build an effective form of communication with its other members which would ultimately support it to run its administrative offices in an organized way (Curristine, Lonti & Joumard, 2007). 02 Apart from making the operational changes relating to the administrative offices, the company should also make certain changes in its plant which involves functions related to manufacturing, storage of raw materials, shipping and storage of finished products. It has been viewed that the plant of the company lacks the inclusion of modern technology, is antiquated as well as dirty and most importantly it fails to comply with the US safety and environmental standards. In this similar context it can be mentioned that the company should apply innovative as well as new technologies which are supposed to comply with the safety as well as environmental standards. Moreover, in relation to the operational change, the company should also expand the limited space of the plant by building new blocks in order to run its business operations efficiently. By building new blocks, different innovative technological equipments can be stored and implemented which might support the company to attain a superior competitive position (Curristine, Lonti & Joumard, 2007). 03 Another operational change that Albatross Anchor should adopt in order to achieve a sustainable competitive benefit relates to the procedure of selling its products. The company usually sells its manufactured products to the distributors who act as middlemen. Moreover, the company also sells its products to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) who purchases the products of the company in large batches. Apart from selling the products to the distributors and the OEM’s, the company can sell its valuable products online for the motive of accomplishing significant competitive advantage. In this regard it can be mention

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