Monday, September 9, 2019

Globalization and Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Globalization and Healthcare - Essay Example Thesis: Profession in Construction and Engineering play a critical role in globalization of healthcare provision. II. Engineering technologists design and construct hospital equipment for efficient healthcare. Such equipment have enhance globalization of healthcare III. Professionals in construction and engineering design health care facilities. They collaborate with health professions to ensure the facilities for different healthcare departments are conducive. IV. Developments in the field of construction and engineering have enhanced transport and communication. This has enabled traveling across the globe in search of better healthcare. Additionally, improved communication has enhanced sharing of knowledge between health professions. Introduction As healthcare provision becomes more individualized and global, the need for technological advancement has become inevitable. This has resulted in partnerships between professional in engineering and those from the healthcare profession. T his has proved helpful by enabling efficiency in overall healthcare provision. The field of construction and engineering play a role in several other fields including healthcare. Engineering technologists are involved in applying scientific principles as well as theories to manufacture appliances that help solve technical problems in fields such as medicine and healthcare. Professions in the field of construction and engineering have greatly contributed in enhancing healthcare research. Engineers ensure that devices used in healthcare are of quality through their role of quality control and inspections. Additionally, medical devices and machineries require frequent maintenances, which are done by engineering technologist. This paper focuses on the role of construction and engineering in globalization of healthcare. Additionally, the paper will analyze how construction and engineering projects affect global healthcare. There are several roles played by construction and engineering pr ofessions in enhancing healthcare. Health care professions do not have skills required to design and manufacture healthcare devices and machineries. The healthcare facilities require be designing and constructing appropriately, which is only possible through the intervention of engineers. Additionally, health care providers cannot maintain the machineries as well as the healthcare facilities. The role of engineers is thus crucial for effective operations in the hospitals. For sustainable health care provision, the healthcare providers must collaborate with professions from construction and engineering. For globalization of healthcare, there is need for changes in medical technologies, which are designed, developed, and maintained by engineers (National Academy of Sciences Web). Engineering technologists working in the field of research are involved in developing and manufacture of hospital equipment. The equipment could be for conducting experiments, data collection, record keeping, as well as for diagnosis and treatment purposes. Research conducted by engineering technologist aids in designing of new equipment such as computer aided machineries improving healthcare provision (National Academy of Sciences Web). Professions in construction and engineering play the role of designing and construction health care facilities. They ensures that the healthcare facilities are conducive for efficient healthcare provision. Additionally, the engineers must work in collaboration with healthcare professions to construct healthcare

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