Friday, September 27, 2019

The Real Meaning of the Type of Animal Caregiving Research Paper

The Real Meaning of the Type of Animal Caregiving - Research Paper Example Animal rights advocates have been campaigning for the proper treatment and care of every being other than man. One of the most popular advocacies is the crusade against the use of fur as a wardrobe that well-known fashion models have been supporting. It is also known all over that dog-fighting is highly discouraged. There are a lot of animal rights to enumerate. But as people become aware of the animals’ privileges are they also conscious of proper veterinary care for these beings? Veterinary care is sort of mind, not just the animals’ welfare, but their health in particular. Understanding the term and its etymology will help us understand the real meaning of this type of animal caregiving. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (â€Å"Veterinary†) states that the term veterinary derives from a Latin word veterinarians that pertains to beasts of burden. It is similar to the Latin veter- and fetus that is related to the practice or the knowledge in â€Å"prevention, c ure, or alleviation of disease and injury in animals, especially domestic animals.† The people who practice such skill and knowledge are called veterinarians. They also carry the title of â€Å"doctor.† But veterinarians are often regarded with lesser professional esteem compared to the physicians of human beings. Hence, few have developed an interest in this field. But why is veterinary care important? Apart from rabies, there are already a number of deadly animal diseases known to the world, one of which is avian influenza. These diseases can also be fatal when transmitted to humans.

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