Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Advantages of Telecommuting Essay -- Employment Work Papers

Advantages of Telecommuting Today much focus is being placed on the ability of organizations (private, and public) to increase their productivity, and quality of service. As a result it is necessary to improve the well being of employees, decrease unnecessary costs, and enhance the competitiveness of the organization. Given this, it is no accident that telecommuting, is one of the largest growing areas, in flexible alternative work schedules. The influence of globalization over all aspects, of many economies, also increases the effectiveness of telecommuting. Now, more than ever, many employees are taking advantage of completing their work in an alternative work environment. Advantages can be tangible, such as reduction in office space, or intangible, such as improved family life. Employee advantages include freedom, decreased clothing expenses, and increased moral. Employers also benefit from telecommuting. Reduced absenteeism, and reduced financial cost, are only two reasons why an employer should consider im plementing a telecommuting program. There are also environmental advantages to acknowledge, with regards to telecommuting, such as the reduction of traffic, and thereby the reduction of pollution. Spinning off, from the success of telecommuting, are companies, who offer help, with incorporating telecommuting, such as HOMEWORKS, and JALA International, Inc. Some companies list jobs for people interested in telecommuting positions. Still, there are also professional organizations established to enhance the performance of telecommuters, like the International Telework Association & Council (ITAC) . My personal experience with telecommuting has been so positive that I felt it was necessary to research it's advantages, an... ...rnational Inc., "Press Releases", JALA International Inc., "JALA and Telework", JALA International Inc., "HomeWorks for Telecommuting", "Report on the Home Office Computing Survey of Telecommuting Practices", Amy Bellinger, Helen LeVan, Article, Home Office Computing Magazine, "AT&T Releases Results of Telecommuting Day Survey", Released 9/20/94, ""Marketing Firms Wrestle with Telecommuting", 11/10/98, American Marketing Association 1998, " US Telecommuting Trend Surpasses 11 Million: Strong Economy, Internet Spur Growth", Article, International Telework Association & Council (ITAC) WebSite,

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