Thursday, October 17, 2019

DEcsribe your current clinical experience at West Chester General Research Paper

DEcsribe your current clinical experience at West Chester General Hospital - Research Paper Example My colleagues at the hospital have been very supportive, given that the hospital ER is ever busy, my colleagues and I ensure that time is well managed and all emergency cases are handled with utmost professionals. The staff and faculty interactions are well managed ensuring that there team work is attained and tensions and burnouts due to the high level of work are prevented and incase they occur, they get controlled and solved on time. I am confident my clinical goals will be achieved after the completion of my rotation ,I aspire to be a qualified LPN with specialization in the ER department .More over, I would like to fully incorporate my knowledge and skills in helping millions of sick people in the US and world over ( O’shea, 2008). Since I started my rotation and during my academic years, I have realized that I am very skilled when it comes to clinical matters. This is due to the great passion I posses in regard to this field. More over, after receiving my knowledge in cl ass I am usually eager to put it in practice in the best ways. However, I have also noticed that my greatest weakness is documentation; I tend to concentrate so much on the practical side that I sometimes forget to note down whatever I have been working on. I have a plan in place to assist me improve in this area of professionalism, one of the plans is ensure that I constantly use my diary when going around my duties. After my rotation, at West Chester General Hospital, I expect to gain more and sufficient experience as an LPN with special skills at an ER post. I look forward to be a great team player, with excellent organizational and communication .I believe that my faculty and staff interaction during my time at the institution will enable me achieve this (Weishapple, 2001). My clinical area of interest is becoming an emergency trauma and a legal nursing, so far my experience as an LPN in the ER, has motivated me to further my studies in the same area. I noticed that most patient s were devastated after being admitted at the hospital ER and working in the same room and offering psychological assistance will give me great satisfaction. Providing care to patients with severe injuries and having to act fast and think quickly on my feet will set the right ground in terms of experience to practice as a legal nurse in future. Besides that ,I plan to become a legal nurse to assist patients ,attorneys, insurance companies and other healthcare professional to deal with medical legal cases .Before becoming a legal nurse consultant, I know that I ought to have gained adequate experience in nursing ,probably I will pursue this field after practicing for some time as an emergency and trauma nurse. I would like to face new challenges where I will have to extensively understand medical terminologies and set aside enough time away form hospital procedures to concentrate in this field. I understand what it takes to be an emergency trauma nurse and legal consultant and I am r eady to for it. In 5-10 years, I can foresee myself as a successful nurse practitioner in the United States of America. During the first five years, I will be concentrating

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