Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The cold war in Europe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

The cold war in Europe - Essay Example On the other hand, Bernard Law Montgomery was born on 17th November 1887. He was a British field marshal officer. He was mostly referred to as Monty and he earned his distinction during the World War II as he had highly efficient leadership skills to the British army in the North Africa. Montgomery was seen to be very more arrogant Friedman (43). Patton and Montgomery were both the most prominent military figures during the fight of freeing Europe from the grip of Nazism. These two generals were rivals throughout the war. The two had different massive egos and opinions on how they were going to defeat the Germans, their differences perceptions always got them arguing. Bernard law Montgomery was considered to be so pompous while Patton was considered as reckless and this prevented both the two generals from leading the Allied land invasion of Europe (Friedman 47). Bernard law Montgomery and George S. Patton turned in to natural rivalry because they competed with each other to see who was going to get to Berlin first and they wanted to prove their powers hence they wanted to see who was much better between the two (other). The two pushed their men recklessly to get of Massena first than the other group.

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